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Frankenstein on the Beach, White Box, NY, NY

Does Olympic nationalism, the Republican convention, the Hamptons, museum and art world inertia and a body politic mired in cultural entropy, intellectual paralysis, moral vacuity and historical amnesia got you apathetic? Don’t reach for the bottle, or the gun, or the suicide belt but come to the NYC summer happening of the season, a dusk to dawn event of monstrous performance art in live and video formats culled from the curatorial laboratory of Raul Zamudio.

Artists include: Oreet Ashery, Domingo Sanchez Blanco, Ama Birch, Cleverson, Amanda Devereux, Yingmei Duan, E.M. with Ollom Movement Art, Tor Jørgen van Eijk, Shahram Entekhabi, Eric Ramos Guerrero, Elan Jurado, Helena von Kärkkäinen, Marie Christine Katz, Arturo Ledesema, Teemu Maki, Ferran Martin, Yasira Nun, Damian Ontiveros, Pasha Radetzki, Alperoa Roa, Joaquin Segura, Miguel Rodriguez Sepulveda, Celia Elsamieh Shomal, Sari Tervaniem and Ruben Verdu.

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